Laura Silver


After not being able to have any children, my husband and I decided that adoption was the way to start our family. Since then we have adopted two boys in 2010. They are three weeks apart in age and from two different states. We had two birth mothers pick us at the same time and both felt that their son belonged to our family. Our boys bring us so much happiness and joy! We are now in the process of trying to adopt a baby girl. We have set up this blog so that birth mothers can read and learn about our family. Please pass along our blog to anyone who may be considering placing their baby girl for adoption!

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Halloween 2012

November 06, 2012 16:24


October 25, 2012 16:40

My Lack of Blogging

October 17, 2012 19:04

Entering into a New Decade!

October 08, 2012 17:33

New Car Seats

September 28, 2012 14:37


Laura Silver


October 4, 1982
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