Launna Krivousov


I am a friendly easygoing person who loves to meet new people. I am a mom to two beautiful daughters, there is 22 years between my two girls. I finally met my soul mate and I feel blessed to have reconnected with David after 33 years. We went to high school together, he was my first huge crush... he ended up being just as sweet and wonderful as he was then. When I love someone, I love them fully and forever

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Comebacks Are Stonger Than Setbacks

February 20, 2017 13:30

Be About Actions, Not Distractions

January 30, 2017 20:22


January 15, 2017 19:54

Change Becomes Easier With Support

January 07, 2017 19:52

One Moment At A Time

December 30, 2016 23:19


Launna Krivousov


Location: Canada
Halifax, Canada
July 23, 1963
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