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Hi, I'm Minki Kim. I'd love to share my unique experiences, preventative health tips, pain management tools, body awareness walkthroughs, and the like, all through the perspective of a Structural Integration Practitioner. I have a vested interest in improving quality of life by restoring healthy posture and alignment from head-to-toe in each and every one of my clients. The Rolf Method of Structural Integration is a highly effective hands-on bodywork that reestablishes higher functioning and radiant health & well-being by holistically re-balancing the human structure within the field of gravity. Though facetiously speaking, the process of structural alignment and integrity is much like, 'taking the human structure from a Chevy to a Jaguar.' In other words, the bodywork cultivates a higher evolution of human function and form.

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Minki Kim


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United States
Astoria, United States
July 1, 1982

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