Adhi Das


Iam a young Principal,a Poet& an Author yet to find a true place. writing&teaching are my passions,music,dancing& reading are my hobbies,journalism is my interest.Iam the single child of my parents born with alot of defects a different special one but I stand not to be defeated.My home is my world & Iam proud of Mother India who blessed me with 2 beautiful moms late B.Sushama Das&D.Beena who gave me birth & rebirth and reminded me to “do your best and to God leave the rest and take life as it comes”and iam ever their dear Naughty.My religion is true service& I believe love makes life more beautiful than a dream.I love to dream in life&try to give it life.Iam ready to say sorry to anyone I caused a worry but I will never forgive a never seems to be the way we want it but we live it in the best way we can ,there is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments for that I need the whole world with me to carry on in the journey of my life so never leave me alone..

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Adhi Das


Location: India
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