Rimal Aayush


Yea.. okay.. let me say you..., I know im bad , and im fine with it, i don't wanna change, just know it, Its a simple way to define me :) Actually my dream is to make a company bigger than Microsoft & facebook, i know it seems funny and impossible (Maybe Your Laughing Now)... but really... That's all my dream which im dreaming since i entered to the world of computers and technology. http://internetwork.grou.ps/ This is thefirst step to my dream, If facebook shuts down, this might be possible... People are so much addicted in facebook that, even something that's better than facebook and have more special features than that of facebook, they are not going to leave it, because of their collection of friends and likes of pages, and etc etc... and Yea! "If You Stab My Body and Take Out Some Blood And If You See My Blood With Microscope, You will Just See The Pictures Of Laptops and Computers"...lol...

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Rimal Aayush


Location: Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal
October 29, 1995

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