bindya kannappa


I gO To sLeEp... I WaKe Up... OnLy oNe tHiNg iS RuNnInG...Do wE HaVe pUrPoSe?? FoG SpElLs mYsTeRy....ClOsEd DoOrS ArE NiCeR wHeN tHeY ArE ClOsEd.. I StOoD ThErE wAtChInG, tHiNkInG...wHaT iS AlL ThIs tO Me?? WhO ArE yOu tO Me?? WhY Is iT mY PuRpOsE To kNoW? GrAvEyArDs ReVeAl PaSt SeCrEtS... Am I a PrOtAgOnIsT iN A PlAy cAlLeD “ qUeSt fOr lOvE..”?? AM I JUST ME OR AM I SOMEONE ELSE TRAPPED IN THIS STRANGE BODY...

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bindya kannappa


Location: India
May 3, 1991
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