Ali Alhasani


My name is Ali, known as Chubby. Why? Because I’m a fat honest guy who just keeps that smile no matter what happens. I love writing whatever that comes to my mind because it's liberating and it give me a great sense of accomplishment, specially when i feel that I've written something that was useful to someone and added to their knowledge of the happenings in Jordan or whatever i write about. I believe that a blogger should have no limits, should be BRUTALLY honest in what he's talking about. My blog is my personal space that i chose to share with others, I'm fully with freedom of speech that i have the right to exercise and i will keep doing so no matter what the consequences i face. I believe that I've been given the gift of writing and i will keep doing so until i die in god's will.


Ali Alhasani


Location: Jordan
Amman, Jordan
November 19, 1984

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