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Dominican Traditional Food Chef, Lawyer, Foodie, husband, Dad...Check out my food blog! Cocinero, Abogado, Esposo, Papa, visiten mi blog de comida!! Dominican Republic is in the center of the Caribbean and it's food is a perfect portrait of caribbean food. Caribbean food is a mixture of European (Mostly Spanish and Portuguese), African and Native Indian (Mostly Taino) influences. Common ingredients are: Coconut, yuca, platano (plantain), garlic, onion, oregano, cilantro, peppers, lemon, sour oranges, etc. etc. etc. Caribbean cuisine is so rich that I have posted hundreds of recipes and am just tapping the surface. Come and join and you'll enjoy with us my adventures and recipes!

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Arturo Feliz-camilo


Location: Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

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