Adam Wieherdt


I started writing because I know the power words have and if I could make a difference in just a few peoples lives, then it would be worth taking the time to organize my thoughts and show what I have to say. When you are reading my book or my blog, everything there is "Food for Thought". Take what you think is relevant to your life and make changes as necessary. Always go into my stuff with an open mind however, I do not claim to have all the answers or years of academic education but I have plenty of life experience in just 29 years of being alive. We are all looking for answers in life and I don't think there are really ever any answers that won't change someday but there are sure a lot of different ways at looking at things. I like bringing positive alternatives to people's lives, we are all on this life journey together so why horde knowledge for yourself when we can all help to make this world a better place for everyone!


Adam Wieherdt


Location: Canada
Vancouver, Canada
December 22, 1981

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