Fiona Gordon


In short, I left school hitched back pack and went travelling, once back home again I stumbled into travel as it fit, and it’s been a great ride ever since. My partner and I recently started up an online travel website where we sell holidays to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands - destinations that we truly love - really we do, there's nothing quite like being on safari out in the African wilds, or on an idyllic and remote beach in Mozambique. We hope our travel blog, which will highlight all things pertaining to travel in Africa - destination reviews, emerging destinations and products, travel deals and more - to encourage discussion and comments from our followers. It is our hope (and goal) to populate our blog and website with information that will guide not only first time travellers to Africa, but also ‘second time around’ visitors as well, looking for a holiday that is perhaps a little more off the beaten path.


Fiona Gordon


Location: South Africa
Durban, South Africa

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