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Tina Ponting thoughts about life in Ottsjo get my expression here, thoughts and poetry, the everyday life,things going on in life,life as manic-depressive,to be my bitch in life.And suddenly discover I am are almost 50 years and try to keep up with what you have to catch before the time is switched on for ever!Like slipping on a banana without having any!

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I’m a political detainee

December 04, 2016 03:16

Formatet som vägrar dö

December 04, 2016 03:12

I am your sister’s Mr

December 03, 2016 14:25

En vecka

December 02, 2016 09:59

Bara så!

November 26, 2016 05:59


Kristina Ponting


Location: Sweden
Ottsjo, Sweden

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