Prateek Singh


I am the one who is a man with limitless imaginations, fanciest dreams,musing mind,sentimentalist heart,peace loving soul. I love to be lost in rhythms.. I love to get along with words.. I love to have a mute conversation with blank.. I love to be acquainted with those who could really catch my eyes of heart.. I firmly believe that relationships go a long long way if we put our true heart within these.. I value friendship almost equivalent to my life and when I say something friendship then I really mean it.. and lots of things are there.. yet to come if you want to know

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एक तस्वीर

March 29, 2015 13:09

A Puffy Monologue!

January 04, 2015 12:02

सर्द एहसास!

December 14, 2014 12:38

दीदी !

December 08, 2014 13:52


Prateek Singh


Location: India
Ghaziabad, India
July 29, 1985

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