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Froggystyle, spearheaded by Yvan C. Goudard, brings onboard the necessary people on a project basis to offer the best possible service. We can work online or onsite with equal effectiveness. Our previous missions range from advertising in war zones (Afghanistan and Sudan), unstable countries (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, and the Ivory Coast) to amazing places (Thailand, UAE and France). We are consumer centric and every piece of work we do is with the consumer in mind. It means that, for example, we would pick a specific color because the research shows that the consumers like it, not because it is the favorite of the CEO. We have expertise in both traditional advertising (press, TV, outdoors etc) as well as in digital media (blogging, social media, networking platforms, CPM and CPC campaigns etc). Although ATL and BTL are still in demand, online is now taking a significant and increasing chunk of marcom budgets.

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